EV Charging for Condominium Owners

Condominium Owners: You Have the Right to Install an EV Charging Station Where You Live! When it comes to installing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in condominium complexes, California law is clear–and it’s clearly on the condo owner’s side. That’s great news for you and the many (and growing!) number of Californians who have chosen… Continue reading EV Charging for Condominium Owners

EV Charging for Landlords

Commercial Property Owner or Landlord in California? Here’s What You Need to Know About Electric Vehicle Charging Stations With office and other commercial vacancies on the rise, finding and retaining good, timely paying tenants is becoming more and more difficult each year. Add in the fact that many companies, having enjoyed the savings associated with… Continue reading EV Charging for Landlords

EV Charging For Tenants

Commercial Tenants – Ready? Set? Charge! (Your Electric Vehicle, That Is) Commercial Tenants Have Rights Regarding Charging EVs at Work Whether you manage a fleet of Electric Vehicles (EV) for the company or have employees who want to give their electric vehicles a charge during the workday, there will soon be a need for EV… Continue reading EV Charging For Tenants

EV Charging for HOAs

HOA Boards Should Install EV Charging Stations Now to Increase Profits and Attract Buyers You’ve heard the saying, “when opportunity knocks, answer the door.” Well, as the governing body of your homeowner’s association, opportunity is knocking and promising a revenue stream you’ve never even thought about. Open the door. Homeowners’ Associations (HOA) have rights when… Continue reading EV Charging for HOAs